Champions League winner

Champions League winner bets: who will be champion?

Champions League bets

There is no doubt that the Champions League is one of the competitions that arouses the most interest, both among the betting community and among the general public. And it should not be strange to us, since the top teams from the most important competitions in Europe and the world participate in it. Do you want to bet on the winner of the Champions League?

Yes, you hear that right, at Sportium you can make long-term bets, such as bets on who will win the Champions League. You will find the best odds to play not only for each game, but also for the winner of the competition. This type of Champions League winner bets have the advantage that they give you more planning (and the odds are usually high), but you should also be careful.

By betting on the winner of the Champions League, your money will be blocked for several days, and you will lose room for maneuver as the competition progresses. For this reason, you must have maximum precision when making your predictions and betting. And do not allocate a budget that is too high, since if there is an injury or a surprise you will not be able to go back. You are betting on several games seen!


Champions League favorites

Champions League favorites

Betting on the Champions League champion should be done from a sports perspective, thinking about who has more options. Adjusting quotas and/or budgets is something that will always come later. The first question you should ask yourself is… Who do you think will win the Champions League?

Manchester City, the favorite has an English name

Without a doubt, the favorite to win the Champions League has an English name, Manchester City. Followed by Bayern and PSG, they stand out as prominent favorites to win the Champions League now that Liverpool have fallen behind in the race. For its part, Real Madrid is always in the race to win the title, being a very competitive team in the final stages.

  • City win the Champions League @3.50
  • Napoli @4.20
  • Bayern @4.50
  • Real Madrid @7.00
  • Benfica @15.00
  • Inter@15.00
  • Chelsea @15.00
  • Milan @21.00

Tips for betting on the Champions League

As we have already seen, making long-term bets like those of the Champions League has its advantages, such as high odds or its competitive height. However, the lack of maneuverability and the fact of betting on several games and days to come, force you to take some precautions:

  • Ideally combine long-term stats, form and news you have to date
  • Limit your budget well
  • Combine them with quotas to specific matches, which are not your exclusive weapon
  • As less time remains, more ease and lower fees. The sooner you do them, the more you can earn, but more risk. You have to know when to do them

In addition to these bets on the Champions League, do not hesitate to consult the day-to-day competition day by day, to combine with your money line bets for each game, handicap, goal bets and other tools to bet on the league of champions.

Palmares of the Champions League: History of champions

Some of the favorite teams to win the Champions League could do it for the first time, or they simply have very few cups. Some historic champions are not directly in the competition, or simply have few options. You can also find teams that return after years without fighting in the Champions League favourites. This is the magic of the competition!

Now, knowing who has won the most Champions is important, because at certain times the stripes can be a plus. Who are the historical champions?

  • Real Madrid: 14 titles and 3 runners-up
  • Milan: 7 and 4
  • Bayern: 6 and 5
  • Liverpool: 6 and 3
  • Barcelona: 5 and 3
  • Ajax: 4 and 2
  • Inter and Manchester United: 3 and 2
  • Juventus: 2 and 7
  • Benfica: 2 and 5
  • Chelsea: 2 and 1
  • Nottingham and Porto: 2 and 0
  • Celtic, Hamburg, Borussia, Steua and Marseille: 1 and 1
  • Feyenoord, Aston Villa, PSV and Red Star: 1 and 0

Teams like Atlético, Valencia, Roma or Manchester City only have one runner-up

All in all, Spain is the country with the most Champions (18), followed by England with 14, Italy with 12 and Germany with 8. The Netherlands has 4, Portugal 1 and France, Scotland, Romania and Yugoslavia 1. However, some of these teams have not won a Champions League for 15 years, as is the case with Milan. Chelsea, on the other hand, is a little laureate team, but all its titles are in this century.

Last champions of the Champions League

These have been the last champions of the Champions League:

  • 2022: Real Madrid
  • 2021: Chelsea
  • 2020: Bayern
  • 2019: Liverpool
  • 2016-18: Real Madrid
  • 2015: Barcelona
  • 2014: Real Madrid
  • 2013: Bayern
  • 2012: Chelsea
  • 2011: Barcelona

In the last 10 years, Madrid has won 4 Champions Leagues, 3 from Barcelona, 2 from Bayern and Chelsea and 1 from Liverpool.


Betting on the Cha

Betting on the Champions League, competition format

The Champions League competition format is not easy, and if you want to bet on the Champions League winner, it is important that you take into account its complexity. Teams with great potential have fallen due to the perseverance required by the competition, and other more discreet teams have been able to go ahead in the qualifiers.

32 teams participate in the group stage, in 8 groups of 4 teams, with a total of 6 matches (round trip). The first two, a total of 16, go to the next round, and the third go to the Europa League. With those 16 teams, there are three qualifying rounds, the round of 16, the quarterfinals and the semifinals, until reaching the final. That’s where the champion of the Champions League will come from!

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