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The most successful roulette bets

Electronic roulette

A casino, whether online or in person, is not complete without its roulette wheel. Roulette betting is a characteristic fact of any gaming space, and a key element to master it. Everyone is looking for very advanced roulette winning strategies, but a good foundation is always knowing what the different types of roulette bets are.

First of all, you should know that there are no better or worse roulette bets, there are simply different types of odds. There are safer roulette bets, which are paid more discreetly, and other more risky ones, which can make you win much more money with less security. How to bet on roulette is still a mystery, but in this article you will discover all the options. Do you have paper and pen? Let’s start!

Roulette safe bets: The simplest

In this type of roulette bets we will be allying ourselves with half of the numbers. Well, 48.6% because the green 0 doesn’t count. This means that we will be worth a total of 18 numbers or boxes of 37.

  • Red/Black: Bets on the color you think is the winner
  • Even/Odd: You will win if you guess if the number will be even or odd
  • Lack (1-18) or Pass (19-36): You play to see if the number will be less than or greater than 18.

In these roulette sure bets, the payouts are 1:1, that is, the casino pays you an amount of money equal to the play. In short, if you play with €10 and hit, you win €10. But be careful, the green 0 square gives a house advantage of 2.7%.

Roulette bets to dozen or column

Roulette bets

If in the previous plays they were worth a little less than half, now a little less than a third. In these plays there is a 32.43% win (12 numbers out of 37 are valid), and the prize is paid at a 2:1 ratio, that is, the amount bet is doubled.

  • Dozens: You can bet between 1 and 12, 13 and 24 and 25 and 36.
  • Columns: The mat is divided into columns. 1, 2, and 3 head each column, followed by 4, 5, and 6. And so on.

The best roulette bets if you want to secure the shot is to go to two dozen or two columns. The probability is 64.8%, but they only pay out at a 0.5:1 ratio. That is, if you play €10, you get €5 when you hit.

Bets with free emotions

The best roulette bets if we are looking for strong emotions are those that play directly to a number, which will be less likely to come out. How is it done?

  • Six: You directly predict six numbers that are two rows away, that is, we will bet on six numbers in a row. The probability of winning decreases compared to previous strategies, up to just over 16%. Now, getting it right is paid at 5:1.
  • Table: This bet is made on four numbers that form a table, for example 1-2-4-5. It has even less odds than the six (10.8%) and pays out at 8:1.
  • Transversal: We bet on 3 numbers in a single row. The probability is just over 8.1% and it pays out at 11:1.
  • Horse: Two numbers are played in a row, either horizontally or vertically. It is paid at 17:1 and it happens 5.4% of the time

How much do you win with a full in roulette? You bet on a specific roulette number. We will be lucky 2.8% of the time and it pays out at 35:1. If we put €10 we get €350.

How much is zero worth in roulette? How much does 0 and 00 pay in roulette? In this case, the payments are the same as if we bet on full or specific number. That 2.8% probability of success is maintained, and for each bet unit we will have a prize of 35.

From here, and knowing each move well, how to bet on roulette remains a mystery. There are multiple strategies such as the Martingale, D’Alembert or the Fibonacci Sequence, but none of them guarantee you to win in a 100% sure way.

Try the roulette bets that work best for you

Try the roulette bets

As you have been able to read, there is no such thing as how to bet on roulette to ensure victory. It is simply important that you know the different types of roulette bets, their advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, it is very interesting that you try again and again which systems work best for you, how you earn more and have a better time. For this reason, we recommend you to play with moderation and head and play realistically based on your bankroll. In addition, taking advantage of the welcome bonuses from the bookmakers you can enjoy free spins to get a lot of practice.

How to bet on roulette?

In roulette you can bet on any number and/or combination of them, but there are some that are the most common. There are 1:1 spreads, where you bet on half the numbers, such as red/black, even/odd and pass/miss. There are also bets 2:1, dozen or a column of the table, in which the amount bet is paid twice. Thus, there are endless options to bet on roulette until you reach full bets, where we play a specific number and we will be returned 35 times what we bet. As we have seen in the article, there are box, cross, horse, full, etc. bets.

As a general rule, the probabilities of obtaining a prize are inversely related to the amount of the prize. Therefore, how to bet on roulette? Based on your tastes and the probabilities. If you want a big prize, play an amount (which can be more modest) at fewer numbers, and if you want constant prizes, go closer to 1:1 bets.

How to know what number to bet on in roulette?

Generally, more modest amounts can be bet on more complicated bets, such as full bets (a specific number), with a 2.8% probability and a 35:1 payout. Progressively larger amounts can be bet on plays like red/black or even/odd, with a wide range between these options. Knowing exactly what number to bet on in roulette is complicated, as there is no exact way to predict what number will come up (they all have the same odds!), so you must be guided by the odds table.

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