Gold Mine Slots

Gold Mine Slots: Find the Treasure

Gold Mine Slots

Do you want to feel like a real Wild West gold seeker in the gold rush? You’re lucky! Since at Sportium we have the popular and acclaimed La Mina de Oro slot, but the thing does not end here, a true gold seeker does not settle for a slot, so after such a long time of success, the mine slot has been improved of gold so that you really feel like you are delving into the mine in search of gold. We bring you La Mina de Oro Plus slot machine.

Take note because we are going to tell you about its game modes, special functions, mini-games and everything that the Gold Mine slots hide and perhaps you will be the next successful player as the user who won €8,000 in Sportium online slots.

Are you ready to go deep into the mine? Get on the wagon and go through its paths to get the gold and diamonds hidden in its tunnels!

Information and characteristics of La Mina de Oro Plus

La Mina de Oro Plus

We find the classic design of 3-column bar slots, to get the winning line you must obtain one of the possible combinations from the prize table in the central horizontal line that forms the three columns for the main or lower game, on the other hand , the top game has up to 8 win lines.

The maximum prize that we can get in La Mina de Oro Plus Slot is €15,000. You can enjoy the game with a minimum bet of €0.20 and a maximum of €15, making it ideal for those players who do not want a game where they do not need to make high bets in order to have a good time looking for the diamonds in La Mina Gold Plus.

Gold Mine Plus has two game modes (the lower game and the upper game), plus six mini-games, one in the lower and five in the upper.

It also includes a number of special features and functions to qualify for more reward options:

  • Advance function, with up to 4 jumps
  • 9 winning combinations
  • 1 joker represented by a lantern (after all, we are in The Gold Mine)
  • Bonus multiplier in 2 minigames
  • Option to double the prize

Gold mine slot: The minigames

Gold mine slot

Gold Mine Plus has 6 minigames available, 1 in the bottom game and 5 in the top game

Enter the mine: By obtaining three “enter the mine” symbols in the lower game, we access this minigame that consists of stopping a prize from the 5 entrances to the mine that we see.

Gold ladder: In the upper game, by obtaining a combination of 3 gold bars, we will be able to access the minigame, which is a prize ladder with which we will improve our prize, with the aim of reaching the last box that houses the biggest prize.

For the convoy: With three wagons we access the second minigame of the top game of the slot gold mine, our function will be to select the best combination of prizes.

Wheel of luck: The 3 explosives give us access to the wheel of luck, which is made up of a wheel that will allow us to multiply our prize.

Bonus draw: We access this through the mini-game draw of the superior game (which we got thanks to the gold cubes). We will be able to increase our bonuses by rolling the dice. Remember! We need the bonuses in order to play the top game of the Gold Mine slot.

Band car: We will also have access to this through the mini-game draw. We will spin the wheel and the wagon will move along the track, accumulating prizes until we land on the starting square.

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