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Gold Mine Slots

The top game remains locked until we get bonuses in the bottom game. And it is that this game mode has the particularity, not only do you need credits to play it, but we will need bonuses to be able to play in the superior game of the La Mina de Oro slot.

However, this game mode gives us more chances to win, since, like the lower game, it has 3 columns, but unlike the lower one, in the upper one there are only 6 symbols with prize combinations and up to 8 pay lines. Payment if we have obtained vertical lines in the lower game, otherwise we will have 5 winning lines, so we have a good chance of being winners and taking the gold from La Mina de Oro slot.

Special functions of Gold Mine Plus

Special functions

The combination of some symbols will give us access to mini-games in order to obtain better prizes or bonus multipliers.

You can play a portion of the prizes obtained (except with the blue 7). With this we can double that portion or get its equivalent in bonuses.

Top Game Symbols Gold Mine Plus

Top Game Symbols

The top game symbols are:

  • seven blue
  • seven red
  • seven green
  • explosives
  • Gold ingot
  • wagon

The combination of these symbols are the ones that will make us win the prizes on the table of this game mode, in addition, the combination of some will allow us access to La Mina de Oro Plus mini-games in order to increase our winnings.

  • 3 Gold bars give access to the minigame: Gold Ladder
  • 3 wagons give access to the minigame: For the convoy
  • 3 dynamites give access to the minigame: Wheel of luck

Special symbols

Bonuses: As in the lower game, we can get more bonuses to continue playing in the upper game.

Horseshoe: It also works as in the lower game, it allows us to have 8 winning lines, adding the 3 vertical lines of the reels.

Gold cube: When we obtain 10 gold cubes, we will access one of the two mini-game draws with which we can increase our bonuses.

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